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Green Power Solar Marketing's has teamed up with North Carolina's leading Solar Installer company with the proven expertise and leadership that was recognized by the US Department of Energy as the ONLY Solar Installer in North Carolina to develop and implement new financing models to help push the traditional high cost of solar down so every American has the opportunity to go Solar and reap the economic rewards of true Green Power.

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When it comes to the solar industry a lot of it has to do with opportunity. Green Power Solar Marketing has seen firsthand the high cost of solar and its effects on consumer's ability to enter the solar marketplace. In addition to the time it takes for consumers to see a full return on their initial solar investment. To help our customers address these high costs and lengthy time to see a full return on their investment, we invite community members to join the Green Power Solar Marketing, LLC.

Special $1 Watt Non-Profit Opportunities.

"Our Solar marketing investors not only help homeowners get a faster return on their solar system, they also want to give back and see solar grow in our neighborhood and community. To help expand and grow solar we offer $1/watt solar systems to non-profits, municipalities, churches, schools, fire stations, and LMI housing in NC within our partnership."

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